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I’ll Be Back

It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realize what’s changed is you.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Let’s call this one: Childhood Dayz


Anyone remember Big Wolf On Campus?

I barely did.

After a little google investigation—I searched: wolf show, teen wolf, wolf series abc family, clearly the third try proved to be the winner—I figured out what Brandon Quinn has been up to all these years.

Between dreamy, older brother Matt from 7th Heaven and hunky, bad boy Tommy Dawkins from BWOC they were part of the reason why i’d sprint from the bus stop all the way home during my elementary school girl days. My parents, babysitter, and friends could always find me glued to big-ass television set (this was before the plasma tv screens) at 3 o’ clock.

Sad to think I (we?) forgot about so many of the actors/characters/shows that made up so much of my childhood. I would invest hundred of hours watching Boy Meets World, Reba, 7th Heaven, Big Wolf On Campus, Full House, etc. Many of the characters became treasured friends who were flawed and at times disappointing, but they were there for me when I needed them.

During a time when my parents were going through a nasty divorce, I learned that no family is perfect and everyone goes through hardships.

Photo credit goes to IMDb. Amazing how 2013 Tommy Dawkins still has the same effect as his 2002 self always did.

Fun Fact: Did you know he is from Aurora, CO same town as The Dark Knight Rises shooting? Well now you do.


I miss you.
I also miss my lovely, african tan skin.
DSCN6776I also miss Castellaneta Marina Black-Out Juice Martinis. I miss my girlyfriend Ludo.

Creepy (and not-so cute) Italian boys that were all over me…I definitely do not miss you.


File Under: I quit that shit, and for good reason.

I was in a relationship for 4.5 months. A hot minute if you ask me, and did I think I was going to marry the kid? Hell no. So why was I going to kid myself and stay in a relationship I wasn’t head over heels in? I wasn’t. 
For one, i’m not a lovey dovey girl who expects chocolate and roses on the reg…but I for damn sure expect butterflies when you call or text. Two, looks aren’t everything but they count for something. He was a cutie. I need a hottie. Numero tres, I felt like I was settling for less. Ouch, here’s to hoping he never stumbles across my blog. He had these really endearing (and annoying as fuck) habits like a) act like I was some ordinary girl, b) flirt with any and every girl that came through the Starbucks he’d barista at, and c) say he was more Italian than I was. Joke of the year.

Best believe I had to set this guy free ASAP. We had some good times, and he took me on some really awesome dates. But at the end of the day, the signs were flashing bright before my eyes to SINGLE STATUS. 

Fo’reallllll, this girl will choose a rave, or concert over dinner and a movie any day.

We try.

We try.

Here’s to all the California kids.

The majority of California kids that attend a college/university out-of-state are the cool kids on campus. Typically, they are trendier, better looking, and very confident.
I mean because we are all from San Diego, Malibu, the OC, the rich part of LA right?! We see tons of celebrities at our local Whole Foods, whenever we’re out shopping at The Grove, and live in 75 degree weather all year round (ok that is kinda true).

I think it’s amusing whenever my friends as school ask me how Cali is and how far I live from the Kardashians…um for one nobody calls it Cali…ew. Secondly, I can’t effing stand that fame-whoring family. However, I curtly respond with a “I live an hour outside LA…two hour bumper2bumper roadtrip if there’s traffic, and the Kardashians get about as much respect from locales as you give the cast from the Jersey Shore.” BOOM BOOM.

One of my best friends in our group lives in ST. THOMAS!!!


Yet, our entire group of friends would much rather visit me in good ol inland California…45 minutes away from a dark-azul-colder-than-antartica-water beach.

A year ago today I was Torino bound.


I would spend the next 33 days traveling to 14 different cities across Italy by myself. I stayed with nine different friends. Albeit, I spent Christmas with people I barely knew it’s in the Top 3 Best Christmases i’ve ever had. I am so thankful for my friends that opened their homes and hearts to me. I am not so much sad today, I am more surprised by how quickly time flies.


Most accurate depiction of myself when it’s raining in Jerz.


I love these types of videos.

The 18th Birthday


In Italy, a person’s 18th birthday is a HUGE deal. It is America’s equivalent to a Sweet 16 or even sweeter 21st Birthday! From what my friends tell me, those that can afford to go all out throw the most lavish party of their life. Turning 18 also means you are of legal age to get your driver’s license.

Today is my dear friend, sister, and partner in crime’s 18th birthday.

I met Ludovica a year and a half ago, but it feels like we’ve known each other our entire lives. We met while I was working in NYC two summers ago, and let me tell you homegirl has great style, the most refreshing sense of humor, and that joy to live. I bought a 60-minute subscription with Skype that allows me to call anywhere in Italy each month. Is it enough? Most definitely not, but I’m going to make it work. I adore my friends and their families overseas, they’ve help me learn a lot about myself and what I want in life, and if you can’t tell by now…I miss ’em dearly. Best $12 dollars i’ve spent in a long time  ever. Wow I get on tangents waaay too easily.

Ludo has been in my thoughts all day. I called her at 10 EST (16:00 in ITALIA) and was beyond relieved when she picked up.

Ludo: Sol? SOOOOOOOL!!!
Me: Si bagascia surprised to hear from me?

After a moment of silence that lingered on for too long, I could hear Ludo weeping almost inaudibly on the other end. The call was so unexpected it not only evoked emotion on her end but also had me wiping tears from my own face. Tears of Joy, perhaps? Funny thing is my parents drop me off curbside three times a year at LAX, send me off with a warm hug, big kiss, and a reminder to text them when I am back at Rider. As a Junior, it’s become so routine I never cry or get homesick. But when the realization sets in that I have to say goodbye to Ludo and her family–usually while i’m checking-in and paying for my bags–in Bari’s Airport, I break down and bawl like a baby. Ludo’s Mom consoles me and reminds me that i’ll be back. Ma quando? Ludo’s a mess, and I break eye contact with Ludo’s Dad because I can see he’s watery-eyed. During our phone call earlier today, Ludo expressed that she wanted me to pop out of the cake. As cheesy the saying may be I am a firm believer that friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

Happiest of Birthdays Ludo!